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All forwarded chat messages are stored in the database with the email address you've forwarded them with.
The database links your email address to the forwarded chat messages.
This coupling ensures that only you can read your own chat messages and not the chat messages from someone else and vice versa.

I.e. When you forward a chat messages from WhatsApp using the email address "",
then you must also register with "" for a new SaveM
MS account.
- Enter password.
- Re-enter password.
- Choose Platform.
- Choose Submit.
- Choose Proceed to login page.
- Choose Submit.

You are now logged into your personal account.

Now send from your mobile phone a WhatsApp chat history as email to
This message can be read in your personal account within 5 minutes. (see: Frequently Asked Questions)
- Choose Login
- Choose Register
- Enter email addres.
SaveMMS on facebook
SaveMMS on facebook
SaveMMS stops March 1, 2016.
Due to declining interest we are forced to end the free WhatsApp Storage Service SaveMMS.

As of March 1, 2016, it is no longer possible to send WhatsApp messages to

Viewing the already forwarded messages in your existing
SaveMMS account remains possible via this website for now.